Summer is here and we have many wonderful things. Stop in, say hi, and share. We would love to see you. We are now open Monday through Friday from 8-6 and Saturday from 9-4.

A few things to watch for as you are out enjoying your gardens. It has been a very moist spring. Many plants have benefited from the abundance of moisture, but we have seen a lot of powdery mildew and some fungal issues. If the problem is mild, pruning or thinning of the plant and removing affected areas will sometimes control it. If the problem is persistent, using a fungicide will be a better solution.

We have not seen many issues with insects. Some mild aphid infestations and Leaf miners in birch. The Leaf miners are little bugs that feed on the inner tissue of the leaf.Miner Their life cycle is about two weeks.  If you choose to treat them, there are many different insecticides that are effective.

As always, we welcome your questions and offer free advice. If bringing in weird samples of your plants or insects, please bag them.

While here, please visit our path of 1000 flowers. It has been a fun project, we are anxious to see it grow!

Thousand Flowers We will see you in the garden~